Getting Started with CABA

Here's what you'll need to apply for CABA membership:
  • A bachelor's degree or equivalent education/work experience in business and/or
  • Three years minimum professional work experience in business administration or
  • Successfully completing one of CABA's six designations.

Choosing CABA membership enables you to be part of a professional body that represents and supports excellence in all aspects of the business administration profession worldwide.

If you wish to become a full CABA member, please choose one of the following programs to complete:

Examination waiver:

CABA operates a policy of examination waiver for high qualified applicants who can apply directly for membership. All applications are evaluated by the Certification Board and waiver is awarded on the basis of both academic and professional qualification.

Find out more about CABA membership and membership grades

Becoming a CABA membership demonstrates a commitment to the business adminstration profession. CABA members are expected to maintain and demonstrate competance and on-going ability in their chosen professional. All CABA members must complete their CPD requirements on an annual basis.

Membership Grades

CABA offers three membership grades, these are:


The Chartered Business Administrator® (ChBA) designation is the premier designation of the Chartered Association of Business Administrators® . ChBA certification is attained by meeting the eligibility of both education and professional experience. Learn More about the ChBA designation

The associate membership is available to those engaged in degree program at college or university. Learn more about Associate Membership

CABA Fellowship (FCABA) is awarded to existing CABA members who are in good standing. As a Fellow, you will be recognised for your contribution to the financial profession. The Institute encourages Members of a least two year standing to seek Fellowship status. Learn more about achieving Fellowship