Excel Online

Practical Excel 365 for Beginners

Take this excellent online course to get you working effectively with Excel.

After successful completion of the online course you will be comfortable navigating an Excel workbook, entering and formatting data, setting print options, inserting objects to a worksheet. You will also learn how sort and filter your data at your work or for any personal projects where you need to organise information.

On Course Completion

Once you have succesfully completed this certificate course you will receive:

Course Syllabus

The course consists of two Modules:

Module One
  • Your first look at Excel
    • Getting Started with Excel
    • Working with Data in Excel
    • Print and View Options in Excel
    • Fundamentals of Administrative Management
Module Two
  • Course Assessment
    • Practical Beginner Excel 365 - Assessment
In this course, you will learn how to:
  • Explain how to open, save Navigate a workbook
  • Explain how to copy, cut and paste your data
  • Discuss the use of Freeze panes
  • Discuss the used of different views when using worksheets
  • Outline the steps involved in previewing and printing a table
  • Discuss why you would edit the quick access toolbar
  • List the different Autofill options available and their use
  • List the different elements that can be inserted into a workbook and how they can be presented
  • Outline the purpose and process to sorting and filtering data