Washington Article

It was flabbergasting. A rampaging mob in the halls of Congress wasn’t enough to stop the American stock market. Read more


Have a Business Idea but lack the know-how?

Posted in Latest News / on January 2021/


Have a business idea.

A new platform connecting startups with potential business partners has launched, spurred on by an increase in people taking the plunge to become entrepreneurs during the pandemic. Read more





OECD: Lockdowns here to stay, even with vaccine plan

Posted in Latest News / on January 2021/


Deloitte fined record £15m for failings in Autonomy audits

More lockdowns and social distancing - even with a global vaccine rollout in place. Read more





“Don’t Take It Personally” Is Terrible Work Advice

Posted in Latest News / on January 2021/


Big Four giant Deloitte snaps up London law firm

I was recently working with a leader who had just lost a much-valued employee to a competitor. He had invested a large amount of time in mentoring and training the person and had high hopes and expectations for his career. Read more